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  • Job Seeking on the Move

    Blog post image As a regular cinema goer I am always pleased when the Orange ad that “humorously” reminds us to turn off our phones before a film, finally gives up the ghost, and is replaced by a new one. Finally something new to watch 10 times a month. (Yes, I go to the cinema a lot.) There […]
  • Making the most of Mobile in your Job Search

    Blog post image   Job seeking has gone mobile. I’m sure most people must have that memo by now, but what does it mean for job seekers and how can you use mobile job search apps to your advantage? Here are some of the basics to keep you at the top of your game: 1. Job Seeking on-the-go […]
  • Do you know your value?

    Blog post image I was watching the Channel 4 programme earlier in the week and they had done a survey to see how many people knew how rich they were. It was showing the divide between rich and poor and if the gap is expanding. When people in the audience were asked their wage and then to guess […]
  • Stretch your legs…

    Blog post image Ok, so we all know that sitting around is bad for our health but did you know just how much damage you are doing if you have a sedentary job? As CBS 2’s Dr. Max Gomez reported, our couch-potato lifestyle is killing us at about the same rate as smoking. A number of studies have […]
  • Merry Jobmas

    Blog post image The Christmas season is upon us and once again all the retail outlets are looking for extra staff to deal with the Christmas rush. Having received a leaflet in the post recently about shift work available at Royal Mail over Christmas there seems no reason why your student home from Uni should be buying you […]
  • Childs Work?

    Blog post image Recently a local school had a day in their reception class where they were allowed to take in a parent for an afternoon so the parent could talk about their job. The age of the children ranged from 4-5 and they all loved it. It made me wonder what unknown seeds of inspiration that day […]
  • 5 Steps to improve your interview success rate.

    Blog post image 1. Control your nerves If you are going for an interview it is only natural that you will feel nervous. Being scrutinised by a potential new employer can be daunting, but what is important to remember is that nerves can act as a barrier to your success. Nerves can manifest in a variety of ways […]
  • Small Business

    Blog post image Having worked all my life for large corporate businesses I was interested the other day when a friend was telling me about how he was the happiest he has ever been working for a small company. He said that for the first time he feels like his voice is heard and his opinion matters. That […]
  • Trusted time. 

    Blog post image With Richard Branson announcing that his employees will no longer be bound by the usual standard of set holiday days that have to be booked up in advance. Everyone I have spoken to thinks this is a great idea and I can only imagine the staff at Virgin are the same. On his website, he […]
  • Work Travel

    Blog post image How we get to work often depends on how far away from work we live, or does it? When I worked in an office in the centre of town I could have easily walked to work as it would have taken me no longer than ten minutes to walk. Unfortunately as I had a company […]

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