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  • Bad Managers

    Blog post image I don’t think many of us have gotten through our working life without encountering a bad manager. But how does it all go so wrong? Surely in an interview there must have been a connection otherwise why would you offer a job to someone who you could not stand? On the same token why would […]
  • Consult the consultant?

    Blog post image I had never fully signed up to a recruitment agency to find me a job. There are so many now, however many of my friends are signed up with them. Even if they are not actively looking to change work right now, they are signed up just in case that ‘dream” job comes up. For […]
  • Too young or too qualified?

    Blog post image When we leave school we are faced with the option of carrying on with education or to find employment. When I finished school I went for an interview at a recruitment consultants. At the end of the interview the lady was being very positive, but then stopped as she re looked at my CV and […]
  • Half Bothered?

    Blog post image Government figures reveal that there are nearly eight million people employed part-time, which equates to around a quarter of the UK workforce. But when people do opt for part time work are they basically saying they are not fully committed to a job? There are many reasons why people opt for part-time work. The Daily […]
  • Personally Better? 

    Blog post image After watching an American sitcom the other day one of the characters talked about taking a “personal day” from work. I wondered if this was the same as a holiday or sick day for us, so I checked it out online.  I found that in America most companies offer their employees 2 to 3 paid […]
  • Uniform or Informally better?

    Blog post image When we are at school we are expected to wear a uniform. Schools reason for this? So everyone looks the same, no one in designer clothes and this leads to less discrimination and more focus on school work. Surely this should be the same for the work place? OK so it should not be so […]
  • There is no I in Team but there is a me!

    Blog post image I was talking to my friend the other day. She is a nurse and works for the local hospital. She was telling me that she was out for a few days training. The training was “Team Work”. She pointed out something that made me think: “If I work in a team and we all get […]
  • Tipping the scales.

    Blog post image At some point or another I think most of us have been guilty of mindlessly daydreaming of running our own business. We may sit at our desks, or stand at our counters and think, if I won enough money on the lottery to set up my own business what would I do? Or maybe you […]
  • Hobbies or not?

    Blog post image Having sent out many CVs in my time, and in my Management roles received many, I often question the relevance of the “hobbies” section. In my early years it seemed a section that generally consisted of “reading”, “sports” and “socialising”. When probed in an interview about what they had read, I often found that people […]
  • The hand that shook the job!

    Blog post image The hand that shook the job! Ok, so you wait nervously in the reception area, poised, tidy and ready to smile at the next suit that comes through the door. Up on your feet, they are there.. hand out ready to shake… The next moment is more important than you can realise. When I first […]

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