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  • Small Business

    Blog post image Having worked all my life for large corporate businesses I was interested the other day when a friend was telling me about how he was the happiest he has ever been working for a small company. He said that for the first time he feels like his voice is heard and his opinion matters. That […]
  • Trusted time. 

    Blog post image With Richard Branson announcing that his employees will no longer be bound by the usual standard of set holiday days that have to be booked up in advance. Everyone I have spoken to thinks this is a great idea and I can only imagine the staff at Virgin are the same. On his website, he […]
  • Work Travel

    Blog post image How we get to work often depends on how far away from work we live, or does it? When I worked in an office in the centre of town I could have easily walked to work as it would have taken me no longer than ten minutes to walk. Unfortunately as I had a company […]
  • Your first day in a new job

    Blog post image Your first day in a new job can be a little daunting. Like your first day at school, there are lots of new faces, new places and new rules to get to grips with. What is important to remember is that out of all of the people interviewed, you were chosen. You are the best […]
  • Student work

    Blog post image Many people are heading off to University a lot of whom will be looking for part time work. Lectures are not on all day every day and although you have a lot of coursework to do in-between classes there is still time to have a small job on the side. However there are a few […]
  • Unhealthy office

    Blog post image When I worked in an office the day always started with a coffee. Around mid morning the “trolley lady” used to come around. Her trolley consisted of crisps, cakes, chocolate, fizzy drinks and a few token bruised apples. In the coffee room there was a vending machine that also had crisps, chocolate and sweets available […]
  • The working holiday

    Blog post image Having recently been on holiday I was fascinated by the amount of people with their phones out on holiday and the amount of times I heard someone saying “Just going to email work back about…” or “just got to call the office quickly”. It seems that work is non escapable these days. For some of […]
  • Socially good?

    Blog post image Once you have been to a few office parties you learn that it is not a good idea to drink with work colleagues. Inevitably there is always too much to drink and the party generally ends with one, if not more people making a complete fool of themselves. The problem is as we spend so […]
  • The working Dad

    Blog post image When a woman has a baby, attention is often if or when she will return to work.  But what about fathers? After a woman has a baby she is given at least 6 months maternity leave. A father gets 2 weeks and often it is on docked pay. In some countries fathers get a whole […]
  • Is it computing?

    Blog post image When we are young we constantly wonder about what we want to be when we grown up. Most children imagine the jobs that they can play dressing up at and are in regular contact with such as Doctor, teacher, vet, singer etc. I don’t think many of us grow up to be what we thought […]

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