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  • There is no I in Team but there is a me!

    Blog post image I was talking to my friend the other day. She is a nurse and works for the local hospital. She was telling me that she was out for a few days training. The training was “Team Work”. She pointed out something that made me think: “If I work in a team and we all get […]
  • Tipping the scales.

    Blog post image At some point or another I think most of us have been guilty of mindlessly daydreaming of running our own business. We may sit at our desks, or stand at our counters and think, if I won enough money on the lottery to set up my own business what would I do? Or maybe you […]
  • Hobbies or not?

    Blog post image Having sent out many CVs in my time, and in my Management roles received many, I often question the relevance of the “hobbies” section. In my early years it seemed a section that generally consisted of “reading”, “sports” and “socialising”. When probed in an interview about what they had read, I often found that people […]
  • The hand that shook the job!

    Blog post image The hand that shook the job! Ok, so you wait nervously in the reception area, poised, tidy and ready to smile at the next suit that comes through the door. Up on your feet, they are there.. hand out ready to shake… The next moment is more important than you can realise. When I first […]
  • Making the most of mobile in your job search

    Blog post image Job seeking has gone mobile. I’m sure most people must have that memo by now, but what does it mean for job seekers and how can you use mobile job search apps to your advantage? Here are some of the basics to keep you at the top of your game: 1. Job Seeking on-the-go So […]
  • Social Media becomes an important part of life as we know it.

    Blog post image Social media has become an important part of everyday life. Whether you share videos on YouTube, visit Facebook, or incessantly tweet; the consumption of social media will play a significant part in your daily activities. Social media has evolved and is now very much a tool that can be harnessed to help you with your […]

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