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  • Is it computing?

    Blog post image When we are young we constantly wonder about what we want to be when we grown up. Most children imagine the jobs that they can play dressing up at and are in regular contact with such as Doctor, teacher, vet, singer etc. I don’t think many of us grow up to be what we thought […]
  • Too old for new?

    Blog post image When we were at school most of us were subjected to seeing the “careers councillor”. I find this job utterly pointless. For most of us, we came out giggling at what they had suggested we should be looking to do with our lives. The information was based on how I was performing at school and […]
  • Positive Branding

    Blog post image Have you ever applied for a job and been put off the business at the first hurdle? With Social media such a massive part of our society it is important to remember people are 50% more likely to post to social media about a negative experience than they are a positive one. It always hard to trying […]
  • The good phone call. 

    Blog post image A telephone interview is a usual starting point for a lot of companies. It is an opportunity for the employer to decide if they would like to invite the candidate in for a face-to-face interview. So what are the dos and don’ts of a telephone interview? . Be Prepared – Most telephone interviews are prearranged. […]
  • Ready for Change?

    Blog post image   When you find yourself in an interview and you get asked the “where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ question: is your answer.. “where you are sitting”? If so then you are just like me. I could not wait to work my way up the ranks and into Management. I loved the thought of […]
  • Dealing with Conflict at Work

    Blog post image If you work as part of a team within your organisation there has no doubt been a time when you could identify conflict occurring between members of the team. This could involve you personally, or could take place between other members of your team, affecting you indirectly. Conflict in the workplace is very common and […]
  • Working to Benefit

    Blog post image There is always so much debate about our benefits system. So many articles and programmes about how the government have made a system that encourages people to stay off work. Last year I read an article about a woman who was struggling to work, part time, pay her bills and bring up her daughter alone. […]
  • Bad Managers

    Blog post image I don’t think many of us have gotten through our working life without encountering a bad manager. But how does it all go so wrong? Surely in an interview there must have been a connection otherwise why would you offer a job to someone who you could not stand? On the same token why would […]
  • Consult the consultant?

    Blog post image I had never fully signed up to a recruitment agency to find me a job. There are so many now, however many of my friends are signed up with them. Even if they are not actively looking to change work right now, they are signed up just in case that ‘dream” job comes up. For […]
  • Too young or too qualified?

    Blog post image When we leave school we are faced with the option of carrying on with education or to find employment. When I finished school I went for an interview at a recruitment consultants. At the end of the interview the lady was being very positive, but then stopped as she re looked at my CV and […]

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